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💸 Government Auctions – Review - Americas #1 Favorite Source for US Gov't Auto Auctions, See Why!

💸 Government Auctions – Review - Americas #1 Favorite Source for US Gov't Auto Auctions, See Why!

Government Auctions – Review


America's most trusted source for Government seized and surplus car sales Start your car search here - SAVE THOUSANDS!!

 Government Auctions are held because every day thousands of Americans default on their car loans or lease payments.

 As a result their new, or almost new, cars get repossessed or seized by financial institutions and auctioned off in a hurry because the cost of storing the cars outweighs the banks' ability to try to make the lost money back (same with police auctions, etc.).

 Consequently, lucky people who have access to direct sources where these "Repo Cars" are being sold find themselves overwhelmed by dirt-cheap offers that look unbelievable to the average car buyer. This is real and is being taken advantage of by many car dealers as well as a very small number of public citizens.

 The US Government also needs to sell its own vehicles after a certain time due to their policies and overall financial considerations. These vehicles have been written down in the books and offered to the public.

BONUS: Work From Home Auctions


 The easier way to do auctions from home is using Ebay. You can do this by drop shipping.

 The basic premise of drop shipping is that you (and many others like you) are acting as a distributed sales force for manufacturers and wholesalers who either cannot or don't wish act as retailers.

 You will become virtual distributors for them, while they handle the physical order fulfilment and shipping, only.

 As such, drop shipping is lucrative for everyone involved.

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