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😷 R95 Reusable Face Masks Review - In Stock Now - USA

😷 R95 Reusable Face Masks Review - In Stock Now - USA

R95 Reusable Face Masks Review 

Now In Stock In USA 

Get Yours Now

The R95 Reusable Face Mask

Prevent the spread and help stay healthy with the R95 Reusable Face Mask! 

Ships from the US, filters 95% of particulates down .3 microns.  Super comfortable.  Vents are optional, leave them off and filters intact for maximum protection

The R95 with the one-way exhalation valves installed. The valves allow for easier exhales and more fresh air. The valves close while inhaling.


The R95 with exhalation valves. The mask material is stretchy and breathable for maximum comfort, while the filter forms an airtight seal.

The disposable air filter installed in the R95. The mask and filter are washable. The flexible mask material ensures an airtight fit.


The ear loops ensure the mask will never slip and the nose piece can be squeezed to ensure a tight seal around the nose.


Every R95 mask order comes with 1 disposable filter.  The holes can be removed to be used with the exhalation valves.


The R95 without exhalation valves. People with symptoms should not use exhalation valves as exhaled breath is not filtered.

Creates An Airtight Seal Around the Nose, Cheeks, and Chin

Mask and Filter Are Washable and Reusable As Needed

Exhalation Valve Make For An Easy Breathing Experience

Customize Your Mask With Stickers and Pins

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