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🏠 House Carers Review - Hiring House Sitters

🏠 House Carers  Review - Hiring House Sitters

House Carers – Review

House Carers

Join fellow Global Citizens, Fulfilling their travel Dreams.

Or free yourself, from the burden and responsibilities of home, and pet ownership for a while for your well-earned trip away.

This unbelievable opportunity, unheard by many, seems "too good to be true" - but it is! was founded by Ian White in October 2000, then in Narrabeen NSW Australia.

After a long career in Marketing and Information Technology Ian was looking for a break from the corporate Rat Race.

A colleague told him of an expensive entry in a printed House Sitting Directory that did not pay off.

Ian then Pioneered the Internet's first World Wide House Sitting Membership site; securely matching House Sitters with Home and Pet owners.




BONUS: 100 Travel Tips



Every single one of these travel tips will stand you in good stead for a very safe and pleasant journey.


Here are the first and the last tip there’s 98 more as good as these tw

Tip Number 1. Do your research.

If you are traveling to a particular foreign country for the first time, then you should do your research about it.


You should gather information about the country’s culture, learn more about their language, check out the prices of commodities, and more.


By gaining valuable data about your destination, you can ensure to have a glorious trip whether it would be for business or leisure.


The final Tip Number 100. Bring your checklist to your destination.


Having a checklist for the items you want to bring can help you in not forgetting certain things when traveling. However, you should also bring this checklist with you to your destination. By doing this, you would be able to refer to it, by the time you need to pack your things to go back home.


These tips and the other 98 are a must whenever you travel over a distant. It will make your trip far more worthwhile and much safer in general.

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