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🌪 Click Funnels Network - Earn Your Dream Car? Start Now !

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💹 Trade Miner Review - Stocks Futures Forex

💹 Trade Miner Review - Stocks Futures Forex

Trade Miner – Review


Trade miner scans trades to choose the best potential candidates based on their score and historical average return.

Then it looks at each in the charts to see which have the best technical setup to be on-track for this year.

Watches Trade Miner seasonal trade(s) closely and when a trading trend is set to begin, it waits for it to take off in that direction.

 It may miss out of some of the potential profit, but, get the added certainty it is heading in the seasonal direction I was anticipating.

The short-term trades and have found Trade Miner very useful for determining a long-term bias for my short-term trades.

Trade Miner to makes sure at a minimum you never place trades against historically strong seasonal trends because that'd be just like trying to walk up an escalator that is coming down.


BONUS: Money Works Stocks and Shares


This bonus explains the differences between stocks and shares. It goes into the stock basics and then into the share’s basics.

It moves on to give you full details of the “Trading Fundamentals” of the stock market and how it all works.

The stock price fluctuations and the share prices determination. Plus, all the advantages of using stocks and shares.

Then finally when to stop trading and get out of that particular market.

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