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Content Marketing Easy Way To Grow 3x Faster...

Content Marketing Easy Way To Grow 3x Faster...

How can I grow in Content Marketing?

Easy Way To Grow 3x Faster...

As you know building a highly responsive list is core to any business.

Getting subscribers on to your list is getting harder and harder.

A ground breaking method of getting more conversions onto your list is called the ‘Content Upgrade’ - The trick is using a Downloadable ebook (or Lead Magnet) that is DIRECTLY related to the content.

Converting your content into an interesting ebook that people ‘want’ to read seems easy - but its time consuming.  The great news is that most of the content for your ebook is already online.  

The problem is it takes a lot of time making a professionally styled ebook, and most people resort to outsourcing with really bad results.  In the end you waste $500 on something you can’t use.

The solution is a new online tool called Designrr.  

This software will take any webpage and convert it into a stunning ebook.

Its amazing - it will strip out the webpage navigation, advertising, social sharing and all the stuff that you don’t need in an ebook and pull in just the raw content complete with images.

Then you choose a template and publish!


You can even make an ebook of all your blog posts or if you have content in word, or in a text file on your machine - that’ll work too.

Check out the video - its a full demo and I think you’ll agree with me - its shockingly easy.


What is this?
Designrr will take any webpage, Google Doc, Word Docx or any text and create a PDF eBook in 2 minutes.

You can import multiple posts.

You can tweak/tailor the look and feel.

Marketers know that using a lead magnet is the most effective way of getting more leads into your business.  

Creating a PDF directly from a blog post gives you an instant lead magnet.

But they're time consuming and costly to create.

Designrr solves this by helping anyone create a beautiful book using ready made templates and a designer tool with images and graphics provided.

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Affiliate Content Marketing Easy Way To Grow 3x Faster... As you know building a highly responsive list is core to any...

Posted by Red Hot Save - Ecommerce Marketing - Digital Products on Sunday, February 14, 2021